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Necrocasticon, where we blend horror fiction with heavy metal. Each week we’ll find a common link between a horror property and heavy metal music and talk about it. Our esteemed panel of experts in the field of metal and all things that are scary includes our host and moderator; fledgling horror writer, veteran podcaster and internet journalist Token Tom Clark, musician Maxx Axe, horror fan Smoking Walt Hades and artist, musician and all around creepy guy, Azriel Mordecai. Not to mention, each week we’ll feature special guests from the worlds of hard rock music and the horror genre!

Oct 15, 2018

Tom and Walt go to Authorcon & Parahorror Fest with plenty of shenanigans to partake in!

Tom moderates a panel with Dawn of the Dead's Helicopter Zombie, Jim Krut, and author/actress/director Loren Molloy.

Scott and Dan hold down the fort in the studio with this week in metal & horror history, plus our...

Oct 8, 2018

It's a very special chapter of The Necrocasticon this week as we welcome back one of the grandfathers of splatterpunk and extreme horror, Craig Spector.

Craig has been battling stage 4 prostate cancer the past couple years, and has found music to be his best therapy. It's a different Necrocasticon than you're used to,...

Oct 1, 2018

Volume 4 Chapter 21 looks for our missing Sgt Dan, forcing Tom and Walt to review HELL FEST and MANDY.

We wish happy birthday to Blue Oyster Cult's biggest record and few other things as Scott delves into This Week in Horror & Metal History.

Also, Machine Head asks, “What do you do when half the band quits?”


Sep 24, 2018

Volume 4 Chapter 20 gets a little smokey (we're talking about Walt's Smoker here, right?) as we present our favorite trilogies in metal, print and screen.

Plus Tom interviews writer-director-producer Megan Freels Johnston about her female driven horror films, being a role model for young women and her interesting...

Sep 17, 2018

Sgt. Dan leaves no man behind and finds our lost co-host, Tom Clark at a... Kid Rock concert? Where are Scott and Walt this week to stop these shenanigans?

Tom goes to the Night of Living Dead's 50th anniversary screening at LIVING DEAD FEST, and he interviews author Christa Carmen about her new short story collection,...